[2019.08.28] A-Chan: My latest favorites (int.)

I traveled throughout the island of Hawaii through the whole night and enjoyed the starry sky and the first light of day!

A-chan : Actually. I went to Hawaii for the first time! At first, I visited the island of Hawaii. 

anan: Speaking of Hawaii, the first thing that comes to mind is nature.

a-chan : Right! To my surprise, the airport didn’t have anything special to see in particular, but soon after I met a cheerful guy who came to pick me up by car and said, “Hahaha! How do you feel? Your plane was delayed in reaching Hawaii, right?” then, I could enjoy the feeling of being in Hawaii. (lol) And my hotel was also amazing. (Picture 1) Cos I had a welcome drink, guava juice, when I checked in at the hotel, I could have a good start, so I became full of high spirits, like, “Hawaii is terrific!” And the hibiscus flowers in Hawaii were so cute. Look! (Picture 2)

NOCCHi: Indeed!

a-chan : To tell the truth, I wasn’t fond of hibiscus before because to me they seemed to represent a flashy dressed girl (lol). But the real things were gorgeous-looking, and the coloring with subdued shades of orange were nice and cute. I liked flowers already, but I didn’t know flowers in southern latitudes were so cute like this. And, to watch the stars, I climbed a mountain, now, what was the name of the mountain? NOCCHi, you climbed it last year…

NOCCHi: Let me see…Mauna Kea?

a-chan : That’s it! Cos NOCCHi talked about Mauna Kea, I felt like going there as well. But when we were going to Mauna Kea by ourselves, local people advised us, “It’s not a place you can go to by yourselves.” So, we joined an organized tour to the mountain. We were told to gather at 2am! We climbed a mountain trail and threw ourselves down on the ground and watched the starry sky in very thick down jackets and had sugary sweet cups of hot cocoa together.

anan: Sounds really nice!

a-chan : The light of the full moon was too strong for us to see the stars, so, “All of you came here at quite an unusual time.” They told me like this…and then, going to the main topic, a guide told us, “Why don’t we climb to the top of the mountain to see the morning sun?” I was really excited, like, “It’s coming! NOCCHi told me how she was impressed with it.” But, as soon as we got in the car to climb, he said to us, “None shall sleep from now on!” He explained that  if you fall asleep, you would become susceptible to altitude sickness. It was in the middle of the night, so we were very sleepy, but whenever we were going to fall asleep, while driving the car, the guide talked to us loudly through the microphone, like, “Are you sleeping? Please check the guy next to you now!”

All: Hahahaha!!

a-chan : While driving up a steep slope, he was repeating, “Don’t forget to breath like this! Let’s do this together, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale…” and also he was trying to signal to us by turning a light on and off like a flash. He was really awesome. (lol) And finally, we were able to watch the burning red rising sun! I was really impressed! (Picture 3)

KASHIYUKA: It seems so good! I wanna go there!

a-chan : Yuka-chan, you are also fond of such activities., aren’t you? I really enjoyed the tour of Mauna Kea. So, I’d like to recommend the tour to you! And it was a highly unusual situation in the car, cos it was jammed with passengers who didn’t know each other during the tour for 3 to 4 hours! In such a situation, older people didn’t make any complaint cos I imagine they had persevered through hard times. In contrast, I got a harsh reminder that I belong to the yutori generation (Millennial) free of educational pressure. I felt I needed to disciple myself more It’s My Favorites from Hawaii Island!

Picture 1: “It was the first time I’d stayed in a room with a lounge. You can drink tropical juices as much as you want♡”

Picture 2: “A large hibiscus flower, and a frangipani flower like a lamp stand. I found the flowers in southern latitudes are so cute!”

Picture 3: “I was so impressed with the red rising sun. We were packed like sardines in the way to the top of the mountain, but I was able to enjoy the morning light.”

KASHIYUKA: “I gave up the idea of climbing the mountain because I didn’t know how to bring up to my friends that it would be a full-scale mountain climbing.”

NOCCHi: “The morning light on Hawaii Island is really great! I watched it with my mom and my grandma together last year.”

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