[2019.08.14] Kashiyuka: You’ll just go on searching forever.

I went to “teamLab☆Planets TOKYO” in Toyosu with my mom!

anan: Wow! It’s a famous digital art show! Tell me, how did you find the exhibition?

KASHIYUKA: We really enjoyed it! At first, we had to take off our shoes and walk around barefoot, and then we were advised to raise the hems of our dresses to avoid getting wet. And no sooner had we entered than we saw the water flowing around, so we were really surprised, like, “Wow, what’s this?” (lol) After walking along the stream, we dried our feet with towels, and then, an area with lots of beaded cushions came next! We had a fun time like the children do in a playroom. Anybody who’s grown-up wouldn’t try something like this.

anan: So you could enjoy it from the beginning, right? How long did you play there?

KASHIYUKA: Guess what, we didn’t have a real time limit. What’s nice about the exhibition is that you can do it at your own pace without worrying about time. The venue was divided into some booths, and some people had already sat back and relaxed in the room with the beaded cushions. I stopped short of asking them, “Wait a minute. Are you sure you can settle down there?” (lol) And, let me tell you how we were surprised and delighted at the room that uses lots of looking glass and innumerable LEDs! (Picture 1) I had seen a photograph of the room but the real thing was really amazing cos as far as we could see: numerous LED lights were glittering! It seemed as if the lights were pouring from beneath and above by the effect of mirrors placed face to face with each other! And another thing I could greatly enjoy was a room of carps using projection mapping technique. You can walk along the stream in which carps are projected on. Look! (Picture 2)

a-chan : Wow! I’m restless cos I want to ask so many things! (lol)

KASHIYUKA: I cannot help but watch it from the viewpoint of a person who helps behind the scenes cos we were working while depending on technologies like that.

a-chan : Yeh, I couldn’t agree more! I always try to understand the workings of devices in Disneyland and then smile complacently when I get it.

KASHIYUKA: Right. We clapped our hands for joy when we learned how the ceiling of the Haunted Mansion moved while the show was going on.

a-chan: So, maybe, we were considered as unwelcome guests (lol) “Oh, they’re not susceptible!”

KASHIYUKA: They would say, “Why don’t you lose yourself in our world more?” While I was excitedly explaining how those devices were moving, a person I went there together with looked vacant, like, “Oh, really, that’s great…” 

a-chan : We make too much fuss about every gimmick. (lol) I will say, “Oh, sorry about that! I didn’t mean to make you annoyed.” But, I cannot help it…

NOCCHi: Both of you are really fun! (lol)

KASHIYUKA: So, as soon as we entered the room full of flowers rendered by the mapping technique, I began looking around for the devices to know how they were working, like, “How do they combine that video and this one?”. Of course I screamed and enjoyed it at the moment I entered the booth though. So, in this extent, maybe, I ended up enjoying it twice! The most appealing thing of the exhibition was its technologies everybody could enjoy together, which was different from that of our concert. (Picture 3) You don’t need words to enjoy the show, so not only adults and children but also so many foreigners fully enjoyed it. My mom and I were really carried away during it. There is another teamLab exhibition in Odaiba, so I’d like to visit there, too!

Picture 1: “The room beautifully colored by LED lights. You can take photographs there. I wish I could show you its video, too!”

Picture 2: “You can walk in the water, that is milk white, which the carps are projected. I waded knee-deep in the water. It was deeper than I expected!”

Picture3: “The room full of giant balloons changing colors when you touch them. So beautiful♪”

NOCCHi: “The funniest thing is that both of you are consciously trying to reveal how a trick is done. (lol)”

a-chan : “Whenever you visit an amusement park, you are trying to reveal how a trick is done. I hear you, Yuka-chan, I hear you!”

teamLab☆Planets TOKYO

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