[2019.08.07] NOCCHi: A part of NOCCHi

I’ve watched the Marvel movies all straight through!

NOCCHi: Lately I’m heavily into the hyped-up series, the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Do you remember there was a lot of talk about “Avengers: End Game” that was released last April? Among the Marvel movies, I had been watching the important movies at that time, like Doctor Strange. And this time, the announcement that, “The series will be concluded!” greatly interested me. (Picture 1) So, to enjoy the latest movie 100%, I thought I needed to watch the previous 21 movies in one go before watching it.

anan: As many as 21 movies?

NOCCHi: That’s right. Each of the movies are focused on each one of the heroes from the Avengers one by one. a-chan has been fond of the Marvel movies for a long time, and she loves Iron Man best. So, I announced that I would start off watching the Marvel movies with Iron Man, and finally, I  have completed the whole series.

a-chan : NOCCHi adamantly won’t do anything she doesn’t feel like doing no matter how anybody around advises her to do, so I wondered if she’d watch the series. So I’m amazingly happy to hear she watched it! Yukachan is also a Marvel-phile. So it’s really marvelous that we’ve got a subject in common to talk about with each other.

NOCCHi: Right. The Avengers are amazingly cool after all! And, my otaku tendencies make me favor one big hero over another when I’m watching a movie that so many heroes are appearing in. (lol) I want to tell you how you can enjoy your favorite hero doing various splendid works with going beyond the movie. And there is a trailer at the end of the movie telling the way the drama develops, and it is always like, “The hero who died previously, is now going to…!? So, I cannot help watching 2~3 movies more in a day. (Picture 2)

a-chan : That’s not fair! No sooner have the credits ended than a trailer begins with sound effects…

KASHIYUKA: So, I always feel like saying, “That’s a no-no!” to the people who are going to leave the theater before the credits end. 

NOCCHi: And one more thing, it was interesting that I was able to get the whole picture of the Marvel movies. I mean, there are just sounds of fighting, and no background music, when the heroes were fighting against formidable enemies at the beginning of the movie. But when they finally win, there is a bouncy rhythm at the end of the movie. That’s great! How delightful, like, “Have you seen that? How strong my favorite hero is!” (lol)

anan: And, who are your favorite heroes?

NOCCHi: Thor and Winter Soldier! I wound up missing seeing Avengers: End Game a day before the final day of the movie run at my regular theater cos I didn’t know how Avengers-junkies would rush into theater at the end of the movie run. (lol)

KASHIYUKA: Maybe there were so many fans who wanted to watch the movie again. Oh, Avengers: End Game should be perfect for you cos you love Thor, right?

NOCCHi: Is that true? Oh, I’ll have to upgrade my TV set to larger one cos it’ll be on blu ray this August! (Picture 3)

Picture 1: “What I liked in the series, is the stories were written so that the audience would love all the characters. I also like its advertisement as if all over the world, people liven up.”

Picture 2: “When I’m watching a movie, my cat nestled up to me. I was having a good time watching the movie with her was nice entertainment.”

Picture 3: “An awesome T-shirt I got at a pop-up shop. I’ll watch the broadcast in this T-shirt.”

a-chan: “All of the heroes of the Avengers are main characters. That’s why it’s the best, don’t you think so?”

KASHIYUKA: “Is it true there was a trailer exclusive to the final day of the movie run?”

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Translator: KOWCHAN9 (A NOCCHi junkie, Mie, Japan)
Proofreader: @Adthrawn1138 (A KASHIYUKA lover, MD, USA)