[2019.09] TV Bros – NOCCHi: The Escape from the Fictitious Paradise; “NEVERLAND”

We were totally involved in the world of the game because all of us had read its manga perfectly!

NOCCHi: I recently went to an escape room for the first time in a long time. I enjoyed the escape room based off of “the Promised Neverland” with my 9 friends!

KASHIYUKA: The title is “The Escape from THE ASSUMED NEVERLAND”.

a-chan : Now I’ll tell you the story, okay? “The world which you once thought was a paradise is a complete lie. You are a child living in a small house. A girl named Emma sent a letter to you to tell you this peaceful world was fake. In the letter, she tells you that none of you cannot become adults. Because you couldn’t accept such an outcome, you decided to escape from the House together with your friends and Emma who lives somewhere faraway. Now, you’re preparing for the escape night and day. Watched by your Sweet Mama, who’s surveillance is getting tighter. The time for action is coming soon. Trusting in your friends, your exodus is about to begin. It’s up to you whether you can make use of this one chance to escape. Now, it has begun!” The girl named Emma is one of the main characters in the original manga. We were going to play the roles of the children in the game living in the house close by her house and try to avoid Mama’s strict watch to escape. The story of the manga is also full of twists and turns. Both of you had already read the original, right?

NOCCHi: Right!

KASHIYUKA: I had been excited to play the game since it was announced that SCRAP was going to make a new game based on “yakuneva (yakusoku no neverland, The Promised Neverland)”! But, when it launched, it was too popular to get tickets easily… So, one of my friends got the tickets for us. Meanwhile, a-chan began reading the original manga to get caught up with us. During it, she kept sending us questions about the story, like, “What is this? And what is that?” (lol)

a-chan : Cos those children are going to be —–ed as their —–s, right? It’s so scary!

KASHIYUKA: All of the members, including us, who were going to play the game together had read the manga, so we were able to get into the story easily. If you have read the manga, you can become deeply attached to the characters from the manga including Emma and Norman.

NOCCHi: It was the best game among the escape games we played recently. SCRAP demonstrated their true value. The experience was like we were really entering the world of NEVERLAND rather than just playing the role of a character in it.

a-chan : Since I read the manga, I was impressed with each phrase and action. There was a rule, like, “Everyone including the participants should not touch the rules.” written on the table. Truly, it was super fun, right? It was like, “You-cannot-get-out-of-it-without-working-together” actually.

NOCCHi: And then, we did it successfully. 

a-chan : We finished the escape game perfectly, yeah!

KASHIYUKA: During the game, we reached a critical moment were we learned we had already been busted about what we had been considering safe and secured because it’s from the original manga. So, we were able to feel the fear in the same way the characters did in the manga, like, we were feeling hopeful, “We can do it!”, then, we took a sudden turn for the worse! So we went into a panic!

a-chan : There were lots of plot points like those from the manga, right?

KASHIYUKA: You can experience the plot like those in the original story, so the game was well organized. You can forget the passage of time during the game.

a-chan : We boldly faced the fearful moment and held our own positions while the other girls were frantically running about screaming…

NOCCHi: We stood against it. (lol)

KASHIYUKA: Like men do. (lol)

a-chan : It was the most exciting moment. (lol) Also, this time we were divided into small groups, and NOCCHi and I belonged to the same group. The most important thing is exchanging useful pieces of information among the groups because each groups have their own secret information. Basically, everyone was supposed to escape all together like in the original story, so the plot of the game is really amazing because making a successful escape from the House is taken as a goal to work towards. I can give my hearty recommendation to you.

NOCCHi: It’s tops! I wanna try it again!

KASHIYUKA: We had been wishing to go to the game, but it was really difficult to gather together 10 members for the game. And our job doesn’t allow us to make our own schedule even a little bit ahead of time, so, even if we would get our tickets for the game far ahead, we couldn’t go to it because it’s difficult to adjust everyone’s schedules, so we had given up the idea of playing the game, but our friends gave us a helping hand.

a-chan :  We were going to have to work on that day though, we asked, “Could you shift the schedule? Cos we have a plan to go to a certain place together.” It was really nice we were able to visit there. It was the best game among the hands-on style types.

KASHIYUKA:  I was deeply satisfied with it! I really got into the game cos it not only has mysteries to solve but it’s also a concrete story to share. I was really excited.

a-chan : But we were banned from talking about the contents of the game at the entrance floor after we finished so it was a slightly bitter experience, right? I couldn’t help but talk about it cos we were one of the final groups that played the game on that day, so nobody except for us was waiting there, so…

NOCCHi: Lke, “I love that part of the game!”

a-chan : It was not until the staff member warned us, “No spoilers, please!” that I realized I had been talking about the game unconsciously. So, I felt, “Oh, no, no!” I had a hard time keeping myself from talking about it, so I suggested going out to eat to talk about it. (lol) The atmosphere when we dined out was quite different from the usual ones cos the 10 of us were able to talk about the same subject. We were caught up in the same game all the more because its plot was constructed to make all the participants cooperate with each other. So, you all feel like trying it again.

KASHIYUKA: I can feel so good after achieving a success after all. On the contrary, I was worrying about my failure for a long time, like, “Why didn’t I do that? I had to know that so well.”

NOCCHi: It’s like a meeting to review the game we just finished.

KASHIYUKA: It is interesting in its own way. Cos you can use that frustration of yours as a springboard and try once again. So, we can enjoy both victory and defeat. Maybe I’d like a meeting after the game very much after all. Not only the three of us, but also the other participants in our group said with a single voice that they want to review themselves solving the mysteries during a meeting afterwards, like, “Hey, look! We could do it in that time!”

a-chan : Like, “We’ve seen it, we’ve seen it!”

KASHIYUKA: I think all of you who have played an escape game feel the same way.

a-chan : But we also said that we should not spoil anything about the game, remember?

KASHIYUKA: Indeed. (lol)

NOCCHi: So, I wish TVBros. and SCRAP would cooperate to release their new escape game, like, “The Escape From The TV show”. It’s a story that you are supposed to be confined in the world of TV show, and actually, you are in the studio set of TV.

KASHIYUKA: Sounds really fun.

a-chan : I really want to do it! Seems so fun!

Picture: “We escaped successfully from the game. We’re looking forward to playing ‘the Great Escape From The TV’! (lol)”

Translator’s note: SCRAP is a company in Japan specialized in producing escape games.

The escape game of “NEVERLAND”

The Promised Neverland

Translator: KOWCHAN9 (A NOCCHi junkie, Mie, Japan)
Proofreader&Co-translator: @Adthrawn1138 (A KASHIYUKA lover, MD, USA)