[2019.07.31] A-Chan: My latest favorites (int.)

A-false-tooth-fell-out incident suddenly happened to me during our tour in North America!

a-chan : We stayed in America for about a month for our North American tour. It was really long, wasn’t it?

KASHIYUKA: What’s more, we were able to stay in New York for a few days to get over the jet lag though, we had to move from place to place while having just a one- or two-night’s stay each, right?

a-chan : So, we became good at packing up while doing it over and over again, so our suitcases became packed so tightly that they wound up exceeding the weight limit. (lol) Anyway, we experienced so many things, but, the major happening was that my crown fell out during our stay in Toronto for our concert. (Picture 1)

anan: What?!

a-chan : On top of that, at the very beginning of the tour! We take a lot protein before our live concert to build up our stamina. We had a meal of Chicken Pita on that day, and then, the crown just fell out suddenly. (lol) I went into a panic and e-mailed my regular dentist in Japan, like, “My tooth has detached!” And I added, “Can I glue it by myself?” The dentist replied, “Don’t do that. Keep your detached crown and bring it back to Japan.” Are you sure? I’m going to sing with my mouth wide open, and what’s more, on the big stages in America, right? I couldn’t go to a hospital on that day, and on the next day, I couldn’t help consulting a dentist.

NOCCHi: With palpitating anxiety…

a-chan : That’s true. The dentist was an American, but, luckily, a woman at reception was able to understand Japanese. So, I had a crown put in, but the dentist said to me, “The crown will do well if it sticks for a week.” Cos the crown had fallen off so many times in Japan, I just replied, “I know…” and I was about to pay the bill at the entrance, then the dentist came to me and said, “Frankly speaking, I’d like to put in a crown made of harder material.” To tell the truth, my dentist in Japan advised me to take another crown with me made of soft material for temporary use when the original one would fall off, so I did as he suggested, so actually, I was struggling with the choice. The American dentist said, “I know how you feel. If I was your dentist in Japan, I would have advised you in the same way, because dentists don’t like having their own patients being tinkered with by other dentists. But, I’m a professional, so let me put in the original hard tooth.” So, I ended up sitting in his dentist chair again cos I was impressed by his professionalism. (Picture 2) He removed the temporary false tooth easily, and said, “That’s it. It could have fallen off on the first try when you have a dish of American steak.” So, I had the crown put in. It has been secure since I’ve come back to Japan.”

KASHIYUKA: It’s not easy to go to a hospital overseas.

a-chan : I agree. But I can definitely recommend the dentist I consulted in Chicago. If you get a dental problem, please visit there! (Picture 3) By the way, I had my teeth cleaned up intensely until my gums bled. He said it was the norm in America. So, the dark color of my teeth was perfectly removed, and I’ve got pearly-white teeth. (lol)

Picture 1: “A picture of me before the treatment. The second one from the rear in the lower left. It had been falling off many times in Japan and fell off again in America.”

Picture 2: “The treatment was not very different from that in Japan. The dental equipment of the dental clinic was old school but spotlessly clean.”

Picture 3: “The woman on the right is Japanese. And the dentist is Dr. Edwards. Thank you very much for the hospitality extended to me!”

KASHIYUKA: “We were really surprised when a-chan’s tooth off just a few hours before the show!”

NOCCHi: “Everybody around felt a surge of panic at that time! It was so lucky that a-chan was able to consult with a good dentist!”

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