[2019.07.24] Kashiyuka: You’ll just go on searching forever

Actually, America might be more livable for me than I expected!

KASHIYUKA: I have food allergies caused by various kinds of ingredients, you know, so I became uneasy when I thought about eating in America, cos it is troublesome for me to choose a proper restaurant even if I’m in japan.

NOCCHi: Sure.

KASHIYUKA: What do you think happened next?  I got to know America was more livable than Japan. Allergies vary from person to person, you know? Menus of restaurants in America can meet most of the needs of customers who have food-allergies. So I was pleased we were able to go to the same restaurant to eat pizza together. (Picture 1) Not only gluten-free pizza, you can have a dairy-free one as well, I felt like asking what the cheese substance used as topping was made of though. (lol) I was really impressed with its good taste. I also had a dish of gluten-free pasta at another restaurant. (Picture 2) I was worried because there was so much food on each plate, there was too much for us to eat it all. (lol) 

a-chan : That’s it. There is too much food and it’s too expensive. I don’t know why they won’t serve proper amounts of food. I wish I could have half the amount of food at half the price.

KASHIYUKA: At first, we felt we could finish it all, like, “Okay, go ahead!” cos we were starving, but soon our table became full of the dishes we ordered, and moreover, we couldn’t finish any of them. But I was deeply moved by their attention to the finer points about food allergies. The waiters listened to me without showing the least sign of reluctance whenever I asked about the ingredients in detail, for example, like, “Is this one at the top safe for me to eat?”. They always answered me ,like, “It’s totally OK, but I’ll double-check it in the kitchen, so just a minute please!” They checked over and over again to my satisfaction. On the other hand, the waiters in Japan are not very good at specific ingredients of the dishes they serve, they reply, “I’ll ask about it in the kitchen” over and over again, so I always became tired of such exchanges, so I end up giving way easily to a compromise to have sushi or yakiniku.

a-chan : Oh, it’s a big deal.

KASHIYUKA: Come to think of it, I was really excited when I was taken to Erewhon, which is a supermarket for vegans and people who are fond of organic foods, because I was able to find so many foods free from my allergies which I had already given up eating in Japan. There were so many things to buy there. About eating, I felt it was more livable in America. And one more thing, there was no pollen flying around. I felt, “Oh, America is really a nice place to live for me!”

a-chan : So you went on a shopping spree. (Picture 3)

NOCCHi: And you were eating incredibly quickly.

a-chan : NOCCHi and I were moved to tears after our show at Coachella cos we were blessed by so many people around. Meanwhile, just beside us, Yuka-chan was eating popcorn like someone possessed].  (lol)

NOCCHi: There I caught a glimpse of the extremely quick move of KASHIYUKA’s hands!

a-chan : (With showing the video) This is it!

All: Hahahaha! (lol)

KASHIYUKA: Let me defend myself a bit. Because each kernel of popcorn was so small, I couldn’t help but eat it so quickly. I ate it kernel by kernel there, but I ate it with a spoon in my room! (lol)

Picture 1: “This is gluten-free pizza. I was really moved cos I ate pizza for the first time in a long time!”

Picture 2: “And this is gluten-free pasta. I was really happy cos we were able to go to a restaurant with all three of us together.”

Picture3: “I got so much food at Erewhon! I was impressed cos I was able to find so many food I can eat.”

NOCCHi: “It was scary to see KASHIYUKA eating popcorn with terribly quick speed. (lol)”

a-chan : “No matter how many times I listened to the pronunciation of “Erewhon”, I don’t know how to pronounce it. (lol)”