[2019.07.77] NOCCHi: A part of NOCCHi

I’m planning to travel all over the country after the North American tour! (lol)

NOCCHi: While on our North American tour, I was watching my friends’ instagram, and I listed a few things I’d like to do when I was back in Japan. And let me tell you the top three! I’m still not quite there yet cos I just came back to Japan. We mentioned we were allowed to take a long vacation so I’d like to put that into practice until this issue is released. First of all, cos I was not able to see cherry blossoms this spring, I’m planning to go to Hokkaido, where cherry trees come into bloom about now, by myself.

a-chan: By yourself? You don’t say!

KASHIYUKA: Oh, now that I think about it, the cherry trees in Hokkaido bloom about next week they said!

NOCCHi: I haven’t checked the guide to the main sights to see the cherry blossoms yet. And, I didn’t realize how often I had eaten takoyaki until I went to America. (lol) So, I decided to go to Osaka to eat it.

a-chan: Hahaha(lol). Look before you leap. It is important who cooks the takoyaki, not where you should have it. (lol) I think Hokkaido is the best and the only place where you can see a nice cherry blossom this time of year though! On the contrary, you can eat takoyaki from Osaka at a branch of the famous takoyaki shop, “KURURU” in Tokyo.

KASHIYUKA: But you want to eat takoyaki in Osaka, right?

NOCCHi: Right! (lol) I missed Japan in America, so, I wound up realizing takoyaki is inseparably linked with Osaka!

a-chan: Oh, I see.

NOCCHi: The third thing I want to do is, going to a Chinese noodle shop, “SUGARI” in Kyoto. I don’t usually eat ramen nor Chinese noodles served with a separate sauce to dip them in, but I would give anything to eat it there cos it seems so good. And when I visit Kyoto, I’m also planning to see the sights of Kyoto. The vacation we have is about as long as a month, and I’ve made up my mind to spend the rest of my vacation playing video games, I wish I could visit those three places at least once.

anan: By the way, did you bring your video games to America?

NOCCHi: Yes, I did! I took “OCTOPUS TRAVELER” cos I anticipated I would need to kill time while moving from place to place over the long distance. I was not able to finish it after all cos actually I had to spend all my spare time taking a good rest and getting good sleep.

KASHIYUKA: Come to think of it, we played an online game, “OVERCOOKED” many times, right?

NOCCHi: It was really fun!

KASHIYUKA: Wi-Fi in our hotel was so bad that we were wasting time having idle chat for about 90 minutes until joining the Wi-Fi network. (lol) We got a great sense of achievement when we had just gotten access to it!

a-chan: When we were struggling to connect our device to the network, we saw a error codes we had never seen including “NAT traversal”. So ,we ended up spending as long as 2 hours connecting our smartphones with the network to play a game for just an hour. (lol)

NOCCHi: It was also one of our pleasant memories from our North American tour.So, I’m going to enjoy traveling all over Japan including Hokkaido, Osaka and Kyoto to the full, and completely wrapped up in video games during my long vacation. Please confirm whether I was able to complete these errands or not with the pictures ♡

Picture 1: “At Asahikawa Memorial Park in Sapporo. The park is an enormously exciting place for a walking-phile like me. I visited there by myself.”

Picture 3: “The takoyaki from the popular takoyaki shop “WAKANA” in Osaka. I took a day trip to Osaka and Kyoto to enjoy the tastes I had desired!

Picture 3: “The noodles of the restaurant “SUGARI”, which you eat with dipping them into stewed giblet. Its citrus-flavored noodles were really nice and smooth. So delicious! And it was a cute restaurant!

a-chan: “I have pleasant memories of playing the game together. I really enjoyed it.”

KASHIYUKA: “In this connection, I had nothing I wanted to do when I was back in Japan! (lol)”

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Translator: KOWCHAN9 (A NOCCHi addict, Mie, Japan)
Proofreader: Adthrawn@Adthrawn1138 (A KASHIYUKA lover, MD, USA)