[2019.07.10] A-Chan: My latest favorites (int.)

 We have at last achieved our desire of meeting Maeken when we went to LA for our North American tour♡

a-chan: Luckily we were able to meet Maeken (MAEDA Kenta), who is a pitcher for the LA Dodgers, while on our North American tour.

anan: You finally met him as you desired!

a-chan: Right! He has connections to Hiroshima, and that goes for us, too. And he is the same age as us. So we share features between us. And, there is a local radio talk show, “9jiraji (9 o’clock radio)” MC’d by OKUBOX [ @okubox9 ] it’s a custom for a guest to say, “attari-Maeken! [which is a coined word of ‘atarimae!’ (That goes without saying!) and Maeken.] at the end of the program when OKUBOX asks “Can you come on this program again?” It is what anybody appearing the show has to do. (lol)

All: Hahahaha! (lol)

a-chan: So, you can naturally feel “Maeken” anywhere in Hiroshima when you go there. And Maeken-san and I have the sort of relationship where we can exchange comments by way of the radio show. Moreover, Maken-san has been using our songs for his theme music to walk to the mound as the Dodgers’ pitcher for the last three years. In order from the first song, “FLASH” and “MUGEN MIRAI”, and he’s recently started using “Future Pop”. So, I said to Okubox that we were hoping to watch him play in L.A. because we would be going to America for our tour. He replied to me, “Oh, it’s your dream from the start. Okay, I’ll go to L.A. as well.” And he went through the trouble of taking a paid holiday to come to L.A.. And finally, thanks to his go-between, I was able to have my long awaited meeting with “Attari-Maeken. (Picture 1) On the ground of the Dodgers’ stadium, Maeken-san seemed really a big guy and had a certain aura and was undoubtedly the real thing! So, we were really excited!(Picture 2) He showed us a large venue for their press interviews in the stadium, and explained so many things, and everything that came out of his mouth seemed to me in rosey color. [A literal translation.] He told us how influential and empowering Perfume’s songs had been and should be to his life. He explained to us in his beautiful way of talking. He was very tall, and sophisticated, and vigorous. Altogether he is a real cool guy♡

KASHIYUKA: When you said goodbye to him, you had already fallen in love. (lol)

a-chan: He is a married man with a family, so I have no need of him, but he’s really fantastic! (lol) His wife is great! She was able to see far ahead. I got to know that an athlete making a spectacular showing is blessed with talents recognized throughout the world.

NOCCHi: Yeah, I couldn’t agree more!

a-chan: I intended to talk about it to you later though, during our North American tour, there were so many unexpected events which got us down. But Maeken-san won’t let himself be beaten by anything and keeps fighting, so we felt anew nothing would daunt us. How much the three of us at that time were able to have our spirits lifted by him!

anan: Were you actually able to hear “Future Pop” in the stadium?

a-chan: Unluckily, Maeken-san didn’t take the mound on that day. And he said he didn’t usually listen to Future Pop. “To pump myself up to go to the mound.” he added… It’s amazing that our songs pump up Maeken. In this connection, he is so bad at painting that he appeared on the TV show, “Talents who don’t have artistic instincts at all”, and he drew the three of us in our Dodgers’ uniforms with his number when we got his autograph on them. (Picture 3) “I can be an ordinary person when I’m drawing.” he said, but his drawing was far from ordinary ones’! (lol)

Picture 1: “His looks, his words take on an aura, everything of his is shining.”

Picture 2: “It is overwhelming that our songs can pump him up when he goes to the mound. With such a story, we’re really enjoying our jobs as singers.

Picture 3: “Here it is! This is Perfume drawn by Maeken. He told us he’s going to earn his living by painting after his retirement from baseball.”

KASHIYUKA: “It was quite interesting to watch the ball game after growing up. So many homeruns I saw!”

NOCCHi: “The Maeken-stretching made my body extremely flexible!”

Translator: KOWCHAN9 (A NOCCHi addict, Mie, Japan)
Proofreader: Adthrawn@Adthrawn1138 (A KASHIYUKA lover, MD, USA)