[2019.08] TV Bros – Kashiyuka: Amuse Fes 2019 ~Falling in Love, Developing Love, and what not~

We were dressed in pink to create an atmosphere of women in love!

KASHIYUKA: On June 6, the annual live event of “Amuse Fes MAKUHARI 2019 ~Koi toka Ai toka[Falling in love, developing love and what not]~” was held under the production of Amuse.

NOCCHi: It was goddamn amazing!

KASHIYUKA: I realized for the first time when I watched a Monday morning TV show called “Sukkiri” that all the celebrities at the venue were asked the same question; “Do you know what Perfume are dissatisfied about?” by the on-site reporter, and Nappi (KONDO Haruna) replied to the reporter, “They are dissatisfied that they don’t have anything they feel dissatisfied with. Is that okay?”

a-chan : She’s always nice and kind.

KASHIYUKA: Come to think of it, we never sing a love song these days. (lol)

a-chan : I’d like to say, “Do you want to know how women in their thirties sing a love song? (lol) But, we are devoting ourselves to sing ‘What is life?’” (lol)

KASHIYUKA: “Love” is the main theme this year, so the songs we performed were defined to be love songs, so it was inevitable to choose our old songs. The latest one among them was “FLASH” released 3 years ago.

a-chan : It was the first time we sang “Baby cruising Love” in a long time, wasn’t it? We got an email from one of our listeners of our radio talk show, like, “I’m looking forward to the setlist. Can I expect “Magic of Love” or “Baby cruising Love”, something like that?” We replied, “The fun is yet to come!” But he hit the nail on the head. (lol)

NOCCHi: We were busted! (lol) This time we requested costumes in pink to create an atmosphere of mature women in love. The musicians work in collaboration with each other for Amuse Fes every year. And this time, it was planned that all of the performers including us would join HITOSHI Ueji or MASARU Shimabukuro, both of them were from BEGIN, to form special bands to sing a medleys in the rhythm of MARCHA CHOLA. Our band performed Porno Graffiti’s “Haneuma Rider” and Begin’s “Shimanchu nu Takara (Treasure of the Islanders)” together.

KASHIYUKA: It was surprising how difficult it was to sing the line “Days of sentimental” from the second song of Haneuma Rider.

a-chan : When I listened to the tape recorded during a rehearsal we were not able to attend, we got to know nobody sang this part.

KASHIYUKA: This showed their lack of self-confidence. (lol) Shoji-san’s ability of articulation is really superb.

NOCCHi: I hear that they discussed how to share the parts of this song to sing.

A-chan : Out of concern for Shoji san of Porno Graffiti, TAKE-san of Skoop On Somebody said, “Do you think we should sing more loudly?” On the other hand, Shoji san spoke as if he’d had something up his sleeve, like, “’Sora (空、sky)“ in kanji of the 1st song is read as “kuu”, okay? If you’d read it “sora”, you might be standing out a lot, right?”

NOCCHi: To tell the truth, I remember the 1st song of “Haneuma Rider”, but I had no chance to listen to the line, “Day of sentimental” from the 2nd song of it.

a-chan : Actually, I didn’t know what the lyrics were saying until then. How difficult it is to sing it by yourself on karaoke, right? So, I’m sure you can get a great sense of achievement out of singing the part, “Asu no wasuremono wa” (lost property of tomorrow is…).

KASHIYUKA: At first, we were supposed to have gone on the stage to add to the charm, but surprisingly, we got to know we were standing at the center of the stage. (lol) And, we were so delighted that SASAKI Moe-chan from EDOGA-SULLIVAN, Rhiwa-chan, YAMAIDE Aiko-chan performed TOKYO GIRL. Moe-chan talked about this and that songs and live performances of Perfume which she likes. There’s no end to it! (lol)

a-chan : She went on talking nonstop and energetically about her thoughts about Perfume, like Principal Tohyama in the past. (GRUNGE TOHYAMA, A commentator of School of Lock!) 

KASHIYUKA: Yeah, she was full of energy!

a-chan : Moreover, she was wearing clothing from Perfume closet inspired by “TOKYO GIRL”.It really became her.

NOCCHi: When I found Haruka-kun of EDOGA-SULLIVAN to talk with him, Moe-chan showed up there and seriously said, “Don’t sneak up on Perfume, okay?” It was so funny.

KASHIYUKA: Both of them are so cute. (lol)

a-chan : Haruka-kun is a kind of an eccentric. He and Moe-chan have a comradely relationship and are also bound by a strong tie of friendship. It’s so nice.

KASHIYUKA: Come to think of it, I hear that SAKAI Kazuki of flumpool was grumbling over a-chan’s neglect of him when he was MC’ing for flumpool’s live performance for Amuse Fes.

a-chan : He felt slighted by me? What? (lol)

KASHIYUKA: I think he should have talked to a-chan on his own initiative/of his own free will/voluntarily if he was close to her. And he insisted that he told me I had silky hair when he went past me, but I don’t remember that at all.

NOCCHi: He’s so funny. (lol)

a-chan : Kazuki is really fantastic. When Ryuta lost his voice temporarily and flumpool’s activities were suspended, Kazuki and Seiji took the trouble to appear on Amuse Fes. Kazuki’s sense of obligation is strong so much. Having a cheerful side, but the truth is, he is a person of delicate feelings.

KASHIYUKA: Truly, he’s romantic.

a-chan : So, he can write a nice song, and also he is ready to do anything to make the audience laugh.

NOCCHi: Let’s leave it up to Kazuki to make anything fun, everybody feels like this.

a-chan : He always says, “Oh no! I can’t!” He has a nice character all of his senpai are fond of.

NOCCHi: And, we performed “Natural ni koi shite [Love me naturally]” with the performance-team, s**t kingz. I’ve been really excited since I got to know that they were signed by Amuse. I’ve been wishing they’d appear on Amuse Fes, and finally my dream has come true. We rehearsed at the same studio for 3 hours together. They designed their original dance by themselves. We had a detailed discussion of our dances to fuse them together nicely. It’s really gorgeous!

KASHIYUKA: We danced in pairs during the verse. They tried to show us their original dance in a way of their own, like, “Ta, ta, ta, ta, ta”, so we were taken aback, like, “Wait a minute, please!”

a-chan : The sound they recognized was different from ours.

KASHIYUKA: We are taught a dance with its 8 count, song and rhythm altogether at once, so we had to ask them which part was corresponding for the element of the choreography. They were also talking about an interlude, like, “Pa, pa, pa, pa…”

a-chan : And they asked us, “Here is the sound like F, so, please get into this one.” We had been listening to this song, but we didn’t know there was such a sound like F. (lol)

KASHIYUKA: I really enjoyed it!

a-chan : They are happy-go-lucky men and able to think about anything constructively because they are always venting their energy by moving around. It’s a pure way of life. So, I’d like to move more actively like them. They were always practicing, and in their spare time, they began dancing to the rhythm of the music other bands were playing for their rehearsals.

KASHIYUKA:  We became happy simply by watching them, so we couldn’t stop becoming closer to them.

a-chan : I want play together on TV next time, say NHK.

NOCCHi: Oh, I couldn’t agree more!

Picture: A song, “Soreo tsuyosa to sakebitai [What we want to call intensity]~2019ver.~” is under distribution now! SHINDO Haruichi and a-chan wrote its lyrics.

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