[2019.06.19] A-Chan: My latest favorites (int.)

I had my ears pierced, and sored high! (lol)

a-chan : This story goes back a while though, when I turned 30.

All: Congratulations!

a-chan : Thank you. I didn’t expect that I would still be in the bright lights of the world of show business into my 30s. It’s thanks to some incredible luck. I totally appreciate it. I was really happy because so many of my friends and my family members held a party, which was decorated with nice and cute balloons, to celebrate my birthday. (Picture 1) My mom got her ears pierced to commemorate her 30th birthday and to enjoy her life more. So, I decided to have my ears pierced when I turned 30 because I sympathized with her ideas. And I really did it!

anan: So, you were faithful to your own words, right?

a-chan : Hehehe, various people gave me some advice on where on my ears I should have pierced. Your ears don’t face to the front, you know? So, they advised me to have a hole run diagonally through the earlobe. So, we decided where on my ears I should get pierced in consultation with all members who attended the party the day before, and then, I saw a medical specialist. It took as long as 2 hours to pierce a hole in each ear as I wanted to make each earring face to the front correctly. (Picture 2) Frankly, I had always been a little apprehensive about piercing my ears because I had been wondering if piercing my ears would have changed my destiny, [Translator note: A-Chan seems to believe in superstitions that altering your body, like with piercings, can change your destiny for the worst] but now, I feel there’s not much I can do but accept my destiny. I am prepared for it. And one more thing, I went to “FlyStation” after that. (Picture 3)

KASHIYUKA: I know that! Flying by high wind pressure!

a-chan : Right. I’d got to know the first FlyStation had started operating a little while before. So, to celebrate my birthday, I went to Koshigaya to enjoy FlyStation. But, actually, it was scary! Hey, look at my video I took.

KASHIYUKA: Wow, you were moving up and down so aggressively.

NOCCHi: Yikes! It’s awful!

a-chan : As a basic posture, you have to put your hands on your head with your legs apart up to the width of your shoulders and bending your knees. At first, I practiced the basic form on the board. I had no trouble acquiring it because I am a dancer. But, I was quite terrified when I went into the wind! I received detailed training from a scrawny instructor from FlyStation, like, “Bend your knees more, and open your arms…” But it was easier said than done. “You’re doing it every day, but I am doing it for the first time!” I was struggling with keeping those thoughts to myself. (lol) The more you expose yourself to the wind, the higher you go up, so you need to control your arms and legs to come in to the wind nicely. You can float into space up to 8 to 10 meters, and then fly downward.

KASHIYUKA: (With watching the video) Amazing!

a-chan : But, it was quite terrifying, cuz it was almost like a freefall each time. Moreover, the scrawny guy kept taking me higher bit by bit.

KASHIYUKA: How did you get started?

a-chan : Well, it was really fun. Entering the wind tunnel while raising both of my hands, and, as soon as the scrawny guy threw me face down into the floor, I flew up with the wind. It was really frightening! I ended up going upward and downward about 10 times. I felt refreshed incredibly after that, so, I felt like I’d like to try it again. I want to become good at flying. (lol)

Picture 1 : A birthday is like a report card assessing your personal relationships over the last twelve months. So, I’m only too delighted whenever the people around celebrate my birthday.”

Picture 2 : “I placed particular emphasis on where on my ears I should have them pierced because I’d have to face these pierced holes in my ears for the rest of my life. Piercing completed successfully.”

Picture3 : “I had been told it wouldn’t be scary if I let my body go limp. But I was scared even though I knew it.”

KASHIYUKA: “I’m terrified with just watching the video of FlyStation because they are tossing violently up and down.”

NOCCHi: “a-chan has learned how to fly nicely while floating in FlyStation over and over again. She’s a formidable challenger!”

FlyStation: https://www.flystationmunich.com/de/

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Translator: KOWCHAN9 (A NOCCHi addict, Mie, Japan)
Proofreader: Adthrawn@Adthrawn1138 (A KASHIYUKA lover, MD, USA)