[2019.06.12] Kashiyuka: You’ll just go on searching forever.

My insatiable desire for cat’s goods. This is a list of them that I want now!\

KASHIYUKA: Lyon will turn 6 soon, and his cat tower that’s fastened to the ceiling has become worn out. He plays on it too friskily for his age. (lol) So, soon it will need to be replaced. If you are going to replace a cat tower, it’s better to buy an extremely cool one. So, I was looking for a cat tower on the Net, and I’ve found an amazingly cool one. Look! It was made of marble and natural wood. (Picture 1)

NOCCHi: Wow, super cool!

KASHIYUKA: I’m in love with this one, but I was surprised at its price, do you know how much it is? Surprisingly, it is one million yen (about 9,200$ USD)!

a-chan : Oh, really? It’s skyrocketed!!

KASHIYUKA: It is 180 centimeters tall and is designed nicely. I really like it. But its price is too high, so it will stay at the top of my wish list forever. (lol) However, even if I were to manage to get it, I’m not sure he would take a fancy to it, and first of all, its price is too high to try out.

NOCCHi: I wonder if HIKAKIN san would buy it.

a-chan : Like, “I have tried it out!” (lol)

KASHIYUKA: And then, I wish he’d give it to me after the program. (lol) And, one more thing, I need a sofa-bed for cats. I’ve been using a small bed for a children’s playhouse available in IKEA. Be that as it may, it’s cute, but, I felt I might as well look for something else, like a miniature of furniture for humans made of natural wood. And actually, I found it! It is built to order however, so it’s limited. Look at this! It’s a tiny bed for a cat made by a furniture maker from Fukuoka! (Picture 2)

NOCCHi: Wow! Very cute♡

a-chan : Huh? I wonder if Lyon will use it?

KASHIYUKA: I get that. I think I’d end up using a sheet of fluffy cloth costs about 3 hundred yen for laying on it… In this connection, the bed for a cat with a nightstand cost one hundred thirty thousand yen (about 1,200$ USD). So, I’m seriously considering buying them now. On the other hand, what I had been longing for was delivered recently. It is a nail file for cats.

NOCCHi: It seems to be a drawing, right?

KASHIYUKA: Well, I bought Mona Lisa, Vermeer and a floral pattern in bulk. Art is important to me, so, what drew my attention was its idea that something beautiful is wearing off.

a-chan : Impressive.

KASHIYUKA: Obviously, I can’t get a real famous oil painting, and, if I were to able to get it, I’d never use it as a nail file for cat. But this one is okay. It is made of fabrics from something like a carpet or a rug, not of cardboard, so, it seems not to give off dust and debris. It was available only on the site overseas, and I managed to place an order finally. It was delivered only yesterday. I’m really looking forward to using it for him. There are so many goods for cats I’m longing for that I can’t collect them all. For instance, there’s a tray for cat food from Hasami ware. If you place too much emphasis on the materials and the designs of the goods, you’ll just remain indecisive on what to choose forever.

Modern Cat Tree Neko (RINN)
Picture 1: “Who can buy it? Moreover, you may take a big risk whether a capricious cat will use it or not.”

Raffine Bed For Cat (立野木材工芸)
Picture 2: “It’s design is so simple and stylish, isn’t it? It’s nightstand also fits nicely.”

Copycat Art Scratcher (Studio Erik Stehmann)
Picture 3: “I fell in love with it the moment I found it on the Net. It takes on a suitable appearance, and first of all, the idea is really cool.”

NOCCHi: “It is agonizing because there are so many nice and cute goods for cats.”

a-chan : “It’ll be disastrous if he won’t use such a expensive item. (lol)”

Hasami ware: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hasami_ware
Hikakin-san: Hikakin-san is a popular YouTuber in Japan who does a variety of things, including reviewing products. https://www.youtube.com/user/HikakinTV

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