[2019.05.29] A-Chan: My latest favorites (int.)

My great holiday in Italy♡through San Gimignano to Rome

a-chan : Continued from my last article. I’ll tell you about my trip to Italy, ok. At first, I thought I liked Venezia best, but, when I visited Florence, by way of Venezia and Bologna, I found I’m more fond of Florence than Venezia. Actually, it was ”My latest favorite” for myself. At the end of my trip to Italy, I left Florence behind, and visited San Gimignano and Rome. San Gimignano is a city with lots of towers. I was really impressed with it: I was surprised that the people never got tired of laying lots of bricks. I myself was tired of those towers because they were designed and painted in much the same. So, I returned the way I had come to stop in a shop I had passed. And then, I found huge piles of fabric in the shop, that I once thought were just rows of fabric, were cashmere! (Picture 1)


a-chan : A piece of cashmere in scarf-size cost 2,000 yen, a larger piece cost 4,000 yen, and a single-bed-sized sheet cost 6,000 yen. They were a really low price. I was suspicious of their qualities, as they say, “Buy cheap and waste your money”, but comparing them with my expensive knitted cloth I wore on that day, worth some tens of thousand yen, they looked and felt like the same! The store seemed to be a wholesale store and retail establishment of cashmere. I thought to myself, “Buy it!”, so I bought lots of cashmere for my family and myself. And then, [I went to Rome.] I found lodging through Airbnb. A private home I used in Rome had many bathrooms and saunas. In each of the bathrooms, the walls were covered with pinkish tiles with a floral pattern. Super cute♡

NOCCHi: Wow!

a-chan : And then, as you expected, I went to the Piazza di Spagna. Do you know Roman Holiday? (Picture 2)

anan: As everybody expected! (lol)

a-chan : I have a way of following everything that a movie star did. So, I ate a gelato like Princess Anne, but not as if liberated from something like the movie. I found a tiny little shop selling lacy stuff, so I bought a lacy holder for tissue paper. And then, after seeing the Colosseum, which was built in ancient Roman era, I went to Cappella Sistina at the Apostolic Palace. (Picture 3) I was deeply moved at seeing the actual work of the mural and ceiling painting by Michelangelo with my own eyes. I had known about them somehow, but when it came to seeing them firsthand, tears welled up in my eyes because they reminded me of everybody belonging to P.T.A.

anan: Were you really moved so much?

a-chan : Comparing Michelangelo and other great artists and architects as brightly shining stars, I got to understand my existence is an insignificant blip in the vastness of the universe. For all that, there are fans supporting us. I could not think of it without tears. That’s the reason why I decided to shoot video message for P.T.A. at the front of Cappella Sistina.

anan: It is a wonderful place to shoot a video message.

a-chan : And then, I sent picture postcards of a night view I got at a restaurant I went to in the evening to my parents and assistants who have been supporting me. Come to think of it, I was able to honestly express my thoughts and gratitude which I would be too embarrassed to just say straight to them. Truly, Italy is a wonderful country because it led me to do it. I am thankful that I could have such a nice holiday to recharge my batteries and reflect on myself.

Picture 1: “I bought rolls of cashmere in gray and white. Restaurants around there served delicious dishes in low prices. I was able to hugely enjoy them.♡”

Picture 2: “Anybody cannot help doing it here! I had been dying to take selfies with a gelato. (lol)”

Picture 3: “No photograph in Sistine Chapel, so I burned the sights into my memory.”

KASHIYUKA: Maybe a ceiling painting required a lot of effort, it’d be impressive to watch it firsthand.”

NOCCHi: “a-chan hugely enjoyed her trip to italy at the beginning of this year.♡”

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