[2019.05.22] Kashiyuka: You’ll just go on searching forever.

I ended up getting genuine Chinese tea things in Shanghai♡

KASHIYUKA: Recently we went to Shanghai and Taipei for our World Tour. (Picture 1) In Shanghai, local staff members took us to Yu Garden豫園, the famous touristy place in Shanghai, since we have gone through the trouble of coming all this way. (Picture 2) Yu Garden was built as a comfort for someone in the past they said, but now, [it is opened to the public], various shops and stores including restaurants and embroidery shops are standing side by side. Also, there is a store that specializes in Chinese tea  things. I had already seen imitations of Chinese potteries by Japanese ceramic artists, but I took the plunge and bought authentic ones. (Picture 3) I got a complete set of Chinese tea things including a teapot, a tea canister, teacups, and also a tea tray. I have gotten into tea drinking since then.

anan: The authentic style of tea drinking. It sounds nice.

KASHIYUKA: Since I didn’t expect to have a chance to go shopping, I went to Shanghai without changing money, and when I was going to buy the tea things, I found it was almost impossible to pay by credit card in Yu Garden. Almost all the people there seem to make payment in QR code. So, every time I bought a tea’s set, I borrowed money from the local staff members. And also I got dried tea leaves of fragrant olive (金木犀 kinmokusei) that is rarely seen. And I bought tea leaves in a cute tea caddy at the airport to leave for Taipei, and also I got another tea caddy there.

anan: You’re heavily into tea drinking! (lol)

KASHIYUKA: That’s right. (lol) I went to a tea shop also in Taipei. The shop was really cool, and there was a demonstration of how to make good tea. I watched the demonstration avidly to learn all the steps perfectly. At first, you should fill the tea pot with hot water to warm it up, then put tea leaves in it, and, inhale a fragrant scent of it…and all that. Also I got to know how many times the tea can draw differs according to the tea leave. I brew tea and enjoy it every day. I’m so happy.

anan: In the morning every day?

KASHIYUKA: No, I take tea in the night. I have a coffee in the morning.

a-chan : I’m also drinking tea every day, so, actually, I have to go to toilet more frequently these day.

KASHIYUKA: Me, too! Come to think of it, I also go to the bathroom more often than I used too.

NOCCHi: Hahaha. (lol)

a-chan : But my legs have never been swollen at since I started drinking tea.

KASHIYUKA: Sure. In this connection, the most expensive tea cost as much as about 8,000 Japanese yen, you see.

a-chan : I have no choice but to brew the same tea leaves over and over again, so, I wind up going to the bath. A Chinese teacup is so small that you can drink it at one draft.

KASHIYUKA: Right, right, and moreover, Chinese tea is really delicious. That’s why you can’t stop it.

a-chan: Usually we don’t drink alcohol, and that’s why we found the pleasure of having a nice cup of tea in one mouthful. (lol)

KASHIYUKA: To tell the truth, our parents went there to get Chinese tea and got into it earlier than us.

a-chan : They were hooked on Chinese tea amazingly.

KASHIYUKA: “I can’t get over it: our parents are heavily into tea drinking” I used to think, but, we ended up getting into it in the same way completely. It shows we have the same DNA profile. (lol)

Picture 1: “Before our live concert in Shanghai, we and our staff members prayed for the success and safety of the concert. So, the concert went extremely well.”

Picture 2: “It was really fun for the three of us to walk around Yu Garden together! We took a selfie on the bridge where there is a legend that if you turn around 9 times, you can become happy.”

Picture 3: “There were various sets of tea things, and I chose this one. Your pleasure is doubled if you make good tea with the authentic tea things.”

NOCCHi: “Yu Garden was really wonderful! KASHIYUKA was choosing the tea things seriously.”

a-chan: “Nice tea leaves can draw as many as 10 times, and that’s the reason why I end up drinking so many cups of tea.”

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