[2019.05.15] NOCCHi: A part of NOCCHi

“Nia is now spending her days with an Elizabethan collar.”

KASHIYUKA: This issue is featuring articles on LOVING CATS, they said.

NOCCHi: Nia, a British Shorthair which came to my place at the end of last year, has already reached seven months old. Because it was the first time for me to have a cat, I didn’t know how to look after her, and, for The Other Side, coming to a strange place to live with a stranger, it was difficult to open up to each other.

KASHIYUKA: “For The Other Side”? (lol)

NOCCHi: But these days I’m enjoying reading the expression on her face and observing her behavior to know what she is thinking. Nia is self-reliant and smart enough to express her will. She can express her refusal.

KASHIYUKA: Yeah. Cats have expressive faces. They show a surprised expression when they are scolded unexpectedly, and often give a second glance. They can show their emotions so well.

NOCCHi: Right, right. (lol) Especially, Nia is very sensitive to environmental sounds. One website said if your cat becomes very fussy about something like a noise, you can make use of it to build a good relationship by trying to listen to the noise together. So, whenever Nia gets upset with an environmental noise, I try to speak to her, like, “What’s happened to you? Oh, that’s a sound of a room cleaner, so, nothing to worry about, okay?”

KASHIYUKA: Impressive! You made friends with her by means of empathy.

NOCCHi: To tell the truth, she got a sterilization surgery recently. So, I put a pet cone on her neck to prevent her from licking and scratching her own wound. This is a picture of it. (Picture 1)

anan: It’s so cute.

KASHIYUKA: A pet cone a veterinarian puts on is usually made of plastic. It’s inconvenient for eating and grooming.

NOCCHi: Right. And the plastic cone got stuck when she nestled up to my legs every time, so I chose a type of thick piece of stuffed cloth in pink and had “Rabbit” written in kanji.

a-chan: Why did you choose pink?

NOCCHi: Originally, I liked blue, but there were various sizes running from small to large. I wondered what her size was, so, I decided to get the same thing in different sizes and different colors. I chose small one in pink and large one in blue, but the blue one was too large for her, so, that’s why she’s wearing the pink one.

KASHIYUKA: Does she like her Elizabeth collar?

NOCCHi: I don’t know. It seems stressful for her that she cannot groom and lick herself because she is usually grooming herself all day long. So, I sometimes detach her collar to let her behave as she pleases. I’m watching her to not lick her own wound. I wish she will become free from the collar soon. (Picture 2)

KASHIYUKA: I’m with you on that.

NOCCHi: But these days, if she feels itchy somewhere on her body she cannot lick by herself, she nestles up to me to ask me to scratch, so it makes our relationship closer a little bit. 

All: Hahahaha (lol).

NOCCHi: Her weight has reached around 2.7kg, and may increase 1~2 kg more. If I hold her badly, she kicks me as if she’s saying, “Your holding is really awkward! Pick me up much better!” Her attitude is also really cute. I’m lovingly watching her grow. (Picture 3)

Picture1: “‘This pink collar is not my taste, but, that’s okay…’ish expression on her (Nia’s) face.”

Picture2: “Nia is under close surveillance. With pretending to watch her not to lick her own wound, I’m burying my face in her body.”

Picture3: “Her legs are sticking out from her chair… ‘I’m watching humans from here, but, sometimes fall asleep.’”

a-chan : “I’d like to show you a new Elizabethan collar for Popotan but I couldn’t meet the deadline.”

KASHIYUKA: “I think NOCCHi should appear on a featured article about cats with Nia-chan.”