[2019.05.01] A-Chan: My latest favorites (int.)

I love Florence. ♡My trip to Italy Part 2: Florence

a-chan : Talking about my trip to Italy continuing from my last article. Now I’ll tell you about Florence this time.

anan: We have been looking forward to your story!

a-chan : I had decided I would stay at luxury hotels during my trip, so, after Hotel Danieli in Venetia, I stayed at Villa Cora in Florence, which was like a castle. My room at the highest floor was very cute and extremely luxurious, in which all the walls were in purple and, all of the amenities including a bathrobe were designed based on roses or embroidered figures of roses having to do with a princess lived in this castle in the past. (Picture 1) Also with this theme, there were oil portraits of nobles, and those portraits frightened me every time I got up in the morning.

KASHIYUKA: Sure. I’m always scared by a figure painting.

a-chan : What I was really impressed with at the room of the Italian hotel was a fixed cylindrical heater to warm towels. If I move next time, I’d prefer a condo which has one.

NOCCHi:  Hahaha! (lol)

a-chan : When I went to the Uffizi Gallery (Galleria degli Uffizi) to look at the Birth of Venus and Primavera, I wondered how such large pictures on a ceiling were painted. They said a painter drew them with lying face up on a board of scaffolding. I’m sure it tired his hands. A ceiling painted inside the cupola of the dome of Florence Cathedral called Last Judgment was also overwhelming. It is a large painting of Heaven and Hell. It has its own intriguing story.

KASHIYUKA: What? Tell me, tell me!

a-chan : There were 2 candidates for a painter of the ceiling paint. One of them had known he himself was the only one who was able to finish the painting, but he dared to hand over it to another painter. As he expected, the painter who took charge of the painting was utterly at a loss, so the painter passed the role after he first took over it. A schemer won the job after all. So, a guide explained to me, like, “This painting was drawn by an ill-natured painter who deprived another painter of his right to draw it.” In Japan, a tour guide doesn’t unveil such a negative story.

anan: Indeed…

a-chan: I think Italy is a country where the truth is spoken. The view from the top of the dome was excellent, but it was really hard to climb a spiral staircase to the cupola! I have the stamina to keep on dancing, but I was gasping and my legs gave way at the cupola. I was wearing mouton boots when I climbed the helical stairway, and it was more exhausting than dancing on the stage with high heels on. On the other hand, the tour guide was climbing without gasping and then talking calmly, but he (or she) was all skin and bones. (Picture 2)

All: Hahahaha! (lol)

a-chan : And then, I went to GUCCI Garden, which is a special GUCCI store available only in Florence, and found the very clothes in red we had worn for Kohaku.

KASHIYUKA: Oh, my gosh!

a-chan : And another thing I had been looking forward to was Santa Maria Novella, which is a pharmacy with natural skin care items. Each of the items has a package full of angels on it and it’s really cute. I bought up a lot of cream and supplements not available in Japan. A dish of pasta at a restaurant in the marketplace was really delicious, but paninis (panino imbottito, Italian sandwich) are second to none to anything in my life. You can choose its ingredients freely. (Picture 3) And also I got addicted to Italian soda. I got to know I’m really fond of Florence. It is truly my recent favorite!

Picture 1: “This is the room in my hotel to have breakfast. Atmospheres are different room by room. It was really awesome!”

Picture 2: “Everybody who climbed the stair to such a high place get their legs awfully swelled. But the view of Florence from there was perfect!”

Picture 3: Among various pieces of bread, ham, cheese and vegetables, you can choose any gradients for your own panini. It was really good!”

NOCCHi: “It is so nice to know Florence is full of delicious foods!”

KASHIYUKA: “I don’t know the reason why I can’t encounter delicious panini in japan.”

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