[2019.04.24] Kashiyuka: You’ll just go on searching forever

I made a short trip to Bali alone!

KASHIYUKA: I was able to take a relatively long vacation at the beginning of the New Year, and the idea of traveling came to my mind at midnight on the very day when the vacation was coming to an end in 3 days. I was suddenly aware that nothing would get better if I kept wasting my time off with doing nothing. Actually, I wondered whether I would be able to have another opportunity to have such a long vacation, and even if that were the case, it was uncertain that I would be able to go on a vacation without being exhausted and enjoy it vigorously such like this. I took the ticket to Bali at midnight and went on a trip of 3 days and 2 nights.

a-chan: You meant you took the ticket on that day rather than on the day before, right? (lol)

KASHIYUKA: To tell the truth, when I went to Singapore early in the New Year, I put on a swimsuit to swim in the famous pool at Marina Bay Sands, but I couldn’t because it was too cold to swim, so, I was heading for Bali to retry my swimsuit.

NOCCHi: And how were things in Bali?

KASHIYUKA: It was late at night when I arrived at my hotel on the 1st day, I went through the schedule for the day with a dinner from room service. (Picture 1) On the next day, I asked for a car to go round to famous temples. I visited Pura Besakih, which is the most important temple of Hindu religion. (Picture 2) But, as soon as the driver dropped me off, he rattled off, “The guy with the motorcycle takes you to the temple from here. He can also act as a guide, so, give him a generous tip.” I felt the time had come to test my English, but the people in Bali rolled their r’s so much that I was not able to catch what they said, so, I ended up using my hands while talking.

NOCCHi: That much?

KASHIYUKA: Right. (lol) And, I had to wrap a piece of cloth around my waist to enter the temple, so, I visited a shop that was weaving them. The patterns on the cloth were hand-painted. Putting wax on the cloth, putting layers of paint and fine drawing on it one after the other, and finally, they removed the layer of the wax and dried it. I bought a piece of black cloth with a bird motif.

a-chan: So cute! 

KASHIYUKA: Sure. And I was permitted to add a silk scarf on the cloth, so I ended up buying both the cloth and the scarf. I was almost like a duck bringing along other ingredient for a hot pot. (lol) Also I bought an offering of flowers and incense sticks, and received instruction of manners in a prayer; you have to pray on your knees, put a red flower on your right ear, purple one on your left ear with your fervent hope, raise the incense stick over your head, rinse your mouth with purification water, put a grain of rice on your brow, and finish your prayer. After that, I went to a souvenir shop, and also I watched the traditional dancing in the sacred precinct of the monastery. (Picture 3) Costumes of the dancers were utterly gorgeous, and the movement of their hands was impressive. They were dancing while moving their eyes around. It was extremely interesting!

NOCCHi: So, did you copy the dance then and there?

KASHIYUKA: I wished, but I felt it could be rude to the dancers, so, I copied it in my room at my hotel! (lol)

a-chan: (With watching KASHIYUKA’s smartphone) I cannot resist! (lol)

KASHIYUKA: Because delicate movement of hands seems difficult, I need to study it well, but, maybe I can do it. Actually, it was a short and busy trip, but I have hugely enjoyed Bali! I was able to swim in a pool at the hotel I had been longing for. I had a nice vacation. I want to travel somewhere alone this year!

Picture 1: “At the restaurant in my hotel. I felt easy with watching the afterglow of the sunset and enjoyed a dinner by myself.”

Picture 2: “The real pleasure of travelling alone is that you can go to anywhere you want immediately. Pura Besakih was a wonderful place to visit!”

Picture 3: “Unique dancing with the unique music. It took one and half hours to watch it. It was a long show but I never got tired. Really fantastic.”

NOCCHi: “This traditional dancing is so unique that anybody who watched it must feel like copying it immediately! (lol)”

a-chan: “If I had went to Bali by myself, I would have keep calling out, ‘Impressive!’.”