[2019.04.17] NOCCHi: A part of NOCCHi

“I have cleared DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2♪”

NOCCHi: As I talked about last time, after our countdown concert, I went to Hakone with my family, actually It had been pretty hectic during the period from the end of last year to the start of the new though, I happily spent my time during the rest of the holiday passing hours pouring over my games. (lol)

an’an: Have you started another new game?

NOCCHi: To tell the truth, I had cleared one of the games at the beginning of the new year. It was “DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS 2: Sydow the king of destruction and the empty island” (NOTE: This is the Japanese title) . You know DRA-QUE has reached its eleventh entry. And, there’re various spin-offs like “DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS”. The game I cleared this time is included in them. It is a game to make tools, houses to build villages and towns by crushing materials like MINECRAFT; the most famous one among this kind of games. (Picture 2)

an’an: Please tell us the plot of it.

NOCCHi: The players called “builders” are uniquely able to make anything. A boy named Sydow is a partner of a hero/heroine who travel around together. He’s not able to make anything, instead, he provides materials by breaking something and copes with enemies. He says, “I’m destroying to provide you with materials to make something.” The two guys work together to stand against the cult group scheming to level the world. (Picture 2)

an’an: Please tell us specifically what you make from the materials produced by Sydow.

NOCCHi: You can get building materials when you kill an enemy or break a block. And the people in the village you visit ask you to make a firm or gorgeous bed with a thick quilt and a lamp for them, so you will end up making them, spending those materials you collected. (Picture 3) Once you finish them, the people pour in with clapping in applause and give thanks to you, like, “Wow, you did it, NOCCHi san!” It’s amazing! (lol) And all of the people are so cute.


a-chan: It seems so fun.

an’an: The story warmed my heart.

NOCCHi: On the other hand, there is a bad guy who is whispering stealthily to Sydow, like, ”You’re unable to restrain your destructive tendency, aren’t you?”  Sydow is always stirred up and thrown into an emotional turmoil and feels very sorry for himself because he can’t build anything. But finally, you and Sydow fight against enemies together. The last battle is deeply moving! I have spent 20 to 30 hours to complete the game, but you can make larger towns after that. You can play this game more thoroughly.

an’an: NOCCHi san, you take a fancy to a game which has its own story, don’t you?

NOCCHi: Yes, I do. It has underlying themes including the warm and close friendships between the partners, and their mutual aid that someone needs to destroy something for you to produce anything. And, the more you love Dra-Que, the more you can understand and enjoy its details including its music. You’re going to love this game. It’s tops!

Picture 1: “All of the characters look so cute. They can cure you of your spiritual hunger. So, I could not help staying indoors to play this game.”

Picture 2: “He is Sydow kun. He sometimes feels very sorry for himself, but you can depend on him during the battle.”

Picture 3: “This is the “efficiency is second to nothing”-ish inn to make sturdy village people as many as possible to stay at.”

a-chan: “It is interesting that a serial game has a lot of foreshadowing.”

KASHIYUKA: “Cute characters can easily get me absorbed in a game.”