[2019.04.10] A-Chan: My latest favorites (int.)

I went to Italy I felt such admiration for ♡ Part 1: Venetia  and Bologna

a-chan: Because I was allowed to have a relatively long time off just after the New Year holidays, I was able to spend as long as 9 days to travel Italy.

an’an: That’s good for you!

a-chan: At first, I entered Italy by way of Venetia , and then I visited various places including Bologna, San Gimignano, Siena Rome, and also small towns. Italy is a great fun place to visit! So, I want to divide the story of my trip to Italy into some parts.

an’an: It sounds sweet!

a-chan: I want to begin with Venetia . When I watched “The Tourist”, that Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp starred in, Venetia  was the very place I was greatly impressed with its beautiful townscape! In the movie, there was a gorgeous hotel you can check in without getting off your ship, and since then I had been admiring the hotel. And finally, I was able to stay in Hotel Danieli that was the very hotel I had been longing for!

KASHIYUKA: That’s great!

a-chan: The minute you enter the hotel, you can feel the hotel is wrapped in an awe-inspiring atmosphere. It’s really marvelous♡

NOCCHi: (Watching a-chan’s smartphone,) Wow, absolutely marvelous♡

a-chan: I was so excited that I couldn’t stop taking photographs nearly to death, but jet lag made me to go to bed and fall asleep at 8 on the first day. (lol) So, I rose at 5 next morning. Having come all the way to Italy, I went outdoors. The morning sunrise was very beautiful. It was cold, but worth visiting there to enjoy the fantastic scenery. I had already had a lot of fun at the lovely scenery, I was also able to enjoy breakfast that morning. Its taste was beyond words! Incidentally, there was an omelet, a bowlful of fruits, and various kinds of bread including Danishes and toasts that I was not able take photographs of because they were also too delicious. I ate them quickly. In Italy, you can get delicious pieces of bread at an ordinary bakery in a back alley anywhere. And, gelato was also excellent. To tell the truth, I had thought eating ice cream in the dead of winter odd (lol), but, when I went to the gelato shop, it was extremely warm inside the shop so I could take off my coat. So I could try a gelato finally. It was tasty enough to have it as many as 4 times during my stay in Italy.

All: Hahahaha! (lol)

a-chan: And, there was sweets like pie which I cannot remember the name of. It has an ice-cream cone like shape, a napoleon-like fragile shell and a crispy feel in the mouth, I had to eat it while sucking its crushed skins.

KASHIYUKA: Was it like a waffle cone?

NOCCHi: It seems so good! I love it!

a-chan: For us, Venetia  is all about Venetian glass, but I gave up the idea of buying a Venetian glass as a gift because I felt it would be a pain to bring a fragile article in the middle of the travel. So, it ended up with only a bottle sealer for Champagne with a rose ornament for my mother. And then, I went to Bologna. I enjoyed Bolognese pasta. The cream sauce has plenty of meal, so I got to know it was a dish to take meal. I had so many things to talk about from the beginning of the travel, and I want talk much more about Florence on the next issue. So, don’t go away♡

Picture 1: Finally I stayed at the Hotel Danieli I had been admiring since watching it on “The Tourist”.

Picture 2: Because of jetlag, I could see the sunrise!  The rising sun in Venetia , the city on the water, was so beautiful as I expected.”

Picture 3: This is the gelato I ate in the deep of winter. (lol) Any stores in Venetia  have pleasant atmospheres and serve excellent dishes!”

KASHIYUKA: “Staying at a luxurious hotel to breathe in an atmosphere of solemn magnificence is one of the real pleasures of a travel. ♡”

NOCCHi: “A crispy pie seems so good! I love it! ♡”