[2019.04.03] Kashiyuka: You’ll just go on searching forever

Renovated Onomichi is really cute!

KASHIYUKA: I was able to go on many trips during my New Year vacation. I went to Singapore at the very beginning of this year to meet my cousin, and I joined a-chan and her family, who had gone there in advance. I only spent one day at home after the trips, and I made a 2 night stay at my gramma’s place, and then 1 week later, I made an overnight trip with my friend to Onomichi, Hiroshima

NOCCHi: Oh, busy! (lol)

KASHIYUKA: Hiroshima is my home, but I moved to Tokyo in junior high school, so I don’t know about Hiroshima very well. And, I heard Onomichi is developing these days, so we went there. At that time, guntû (the name of a cruise ship) just came back to her own home port, so we were able to visit this ship.

an’an: guntû! Fantastic!

KASHIYUKA: There were modern Japanese-style hotel facilities inside the ship. You can take a cruise around the Inland Sea of Japan. Its price reaches as much as 4 hundred thousand yen to 1 million yen for an overnight stay!

a-chan: Staggering price!

KASHIYUKA: But, seeing the inside of the ship, I felt it was worth the price! Almost all of the cabins have their own open-air bath each. (Picture 2) The interior decorations of each cabin is simple but of the highest grade. There are only a few cabins on the passengers’ floor, so, you can casually talk with other passengers, and also you can ask a tour coordinator’s advice to visit an island to see a ceremony and so forth. And also you can choose any dishes of your favorite cooking among the fish and shellfish caught on that day. It’s really gorgeous. Moreover, there is a Japanese-styled tea room and a sushi bar.

NOCCHi: You can indulge in luxury!

KASHIYUKA: She is a flat-bottomed boat ‘cause it is needed to be comfortable for passengers to ride rather than to run at a high speed. We talked about this. Like, “Let’s plan to ride this ship after our retirement in our old age.” (lol) So, the place we actually stayed in was a hotel called “LOG”, that was designed by Studio Mumbai, that is an agency of designers in India. The LOG is originally an apartment that was renovated and converted to a hotel. The plaster for the interior was made of soil and crushed stone yielded around the spot. The guest rooms from 3rd to 6th floor are designed based on cocoons. (Showing her own smartphone) The roof, walls and the floor of our room were decorated with washi; traditional Japanese papers, so, it created nice and cozy atmosphere. (Picture 3)

a-chan: So cute!

KASHIYUKA: Dishes served at the hotel were also delicious. They arranged their menu freely while considering foods I was not good at. Not only LOG but also Onomichi Station was renovated, and a lot of plate glass were used on the exterior of the building. There’re so many cool stores and restaurants in the whole town. But what I was impressed with was that to feature not only new and stylish place but also old and traditional fish shops to sell locally popular seafoods, New hotels and restaurants dared to serve meat dishes only. It was really fantastic that they were aiming for a harmonious relationship. So, from now on, if I recommend a place to visit in Hiroshima, Onomichi is the tops!

Picture 1: “The ship is like a cruising hotel. Her exteriors are very interesting, aren’t they? (lol)”

Picture 2: “If you take a open-air bath when the ship is in harbor, you could have an eye contact with a fisherman!”

Picture 3: “The inside of our room at LOG. It has an atmosphere not to be found anywhere else. You can be miraculously cured with its calm and cozy feelings.”

NOCCHi: “Before I knew about it, Onomichi had developed stylishness!”

a-chan: “A cute and fashionable room alone can make me feel great!”

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