[2019.05] TV Bros – A-Chan: Finally, A-Chan had her ears pierced.

“We were so glad NOCCHi was all right! We had a unforgettable birthday party!”

a-chan : To Nao☆chan, who is a member of Negicco, and Okada Noriyuki kun, who is a member of Kūsōiinkai, best wishes for your marriage!

NOCCHi: Also we were excited with the news on the day of the announcement!

a-chan : I heard that an event we once held led to them becoming friends. It is the first time for us to hear Perfume was mentioned as a beginning which led to the turning point of other artists like this. We have lasting relationships with both of them, so, we can’t help feeling even more deeply moved.

KASHIYUKA: We were also asked about both of them in a media interview of America. The news has spread internationally!

a-chan : So, why don’t we do something good on the very day of their wedding. How about offer a comment?

KASHIYUKA: Right! I’d love to!

NOCCHi: Let us congratulate them on their marriage.

a-chan : Truly, it’s so happy!

NOCCHi: In this connection, a-chan reached 30 y.o. on this February 15.

a-chan : Thank you! And, finally, I had my ears pierced in the morning on my birthday!

KASHIYUKA: In the previous night, after finishing a live broadcasting on the web for P.T.A., we were counting down until the day of a-chan’s birthday, but at that time, we found out NOCCHi had gone missing.

NOCCHi: Right. Could I offer an explanation? (lol)

a-chan : On that night, our pets; one pappy (it’s Popotan), and two kitties (they’re Lyon and Nia) also appeared on the live broadcasting, NOCCHi went to take Nia home ‘cause she was too young to stay with the both of the others calmly. So, no sooner had the broadcast come to an end, NOCCHi rushed out saying, “I’ll take her home!” And then, we found out she had forgotten her cellphone.

KASHIYUKA: We knew that NOCCHi had known the venue was located in Sangenjaya.

a-chan : But she’s smart enough to call on her own cellphone, so we waited and waited until 23:55, but there was no call from her.

KASHIYUKA: We had called our parents to surprise a-chan that night, so I told NOCCHi’s mama and grandma that we had lost contact with NOCCHi. But both of them answered matter-of-factly, “I guess so.” (lol)

a-chan : Like mother, like daughter. (lol)

KASHIYUKA: They were not in the slightest anxious about it.

NOCCHi: I can guess what they were like. (lol)

a-chan : It was the reason why your parents were able to let you go to Actors’ School Hiroshima by Shinkansen by yourself when you were a child.

NOCCHi: I was worried about my cat, but more than anything else, it was dear to me to see a-chan’s 30th birthday come around. To concentrate on that moment, I took Nia home. But on my way home, I realized I had forgotten my phone. But I felt I’d be able to send e-mail from my iPad. But I realized the battery of my iPad had been empty. I hurried to Sangenjaya by taxi with my iPad on its battery charger. And then, I realized I had forgotten my Wi-Fi router, so I was trying to catch a weak Wi-Fi signal coming from a convenience store whenever the taxi stopped at a red signal. But my iPad was trying to receive incoming e-mails first, so I could not send an e-mail to ask the address of the venue for a-chan’s birthday party. Unfortunately, the traffic was congested because of an accident ahead that night. When I arrived at Sangenjaya, it was just 5 minutes to go. So, as a last resort, I dashed into a neighborhood police box to borrow a phone and called on my own phone. Fortunately, I finally got a call through to Mu-chan, who is our assistant.

a-chan : I thought something happened to NOCCHi,so we were praying for her safety, and then, we got a phone call from her!

KASHIYUKA: In any case, we were grateful that NOCCHi was safe and sound!

NOCCHi: Since then, our assistant manager created a rule; I have to put a memo of our assistants’ phone numbers in my purse. I feel sorry for bothering them.

KASHIYUKA: hahaha! Actually, I can’t tell you phone numbers from memory except for my own.

NOCCHi: It was like a horrible nightmare that haunts you sometimes. What you might get to know it was a dream when you woke up from it came true…

a-chan : That’s okay. It made my birthday more unforgettable.

NOCCHi: So, we have to talk about a-chan’s piercing. It is very important where your ears are pierced because the impression of your face is influenced by the trivial difference of the locations of the holes.

KASHIYUKA: And then, a joint conference to determine the positions on a-chan’s ears to pierce began by the women who had never compromised.

a-chan : Our make-up artist brought out her eyeliner to mark on a-chan’s ears.

KASHIYUKA: She said, “Oil-based ink stain is hard to disappear”, and she added, “If you have your ears perforated too low, their edges might be tore up due to the weight of the earrings.”

a-chan : And another person also showed me her ears and said, “If the pierced holes were tore up, it would be like this.”

KASHIYUKA: Mossan [Yamamoto san, a chief assistant] warned us, “Ladies, excuse me for interrupting at the height of the festivities, but the restaurant is going to close”, but no one was able to cut in on our conversation. (lol)  We didn’t stop talking, like, “Why don’t you try these earrings?”

NOCCHi: At long last we concluded the discussion with marking a-chan’s ears with the eyeliner! (lol)

a-chan : And my family gifted me a pair of earrings for the first time. I avoided having my ears perforated when I was much younger for fear of worsening my fortune, but I have nothing to worry about today. I was able to get off the finest start of my thirties!

KASHIYUKA: And, on April 3rd (Wednesday), we will release Blu-ray and DVD of “Perfume 7th Tour 2018「FUTURE POP」”.

NOCCHi: And the limited edition has wonderful benefits of the largest volume in our history!

a-chan : Right. It took as long as two days to check the video, didn’t we?

KASHIYUKA: A staff member who’s always editing our video told me total of the lectures about dance of “TOKYO GIRL” reached a hour and a half, and, total of whole of the MCs of the concerts of this tour also reached a hour and a half. So, we asked him how many discs was he going to add as the benefits.

a-chan : Yeah, to have a sort of reply, we asked him, “How many?”

KASHIYUKA: We were like, “Are you sure you’re going to put all of them to the discs?” (lol)

a-chan : So, finally, we made abridged versions of them estimating 45 minutes each to show you the good parts of them.

NOCCHi: Local comedy like MCs, especially the part about Shinkansen is so funny.

KASHIYUKA: We left all of our assistants in Tokyo Station and headed for Aomori by ourselves. (lol) And there is a song featuring each of us separately.

a-chan : Sato san, who has been specialized in switching the camera has really understood about our dancing.

KASHIYUKA: So, he has grasped how 32 cameras in the venue film during 2 hours of our concert. It’s really great, isn’t it?

a-chan: Because he seems to understand a virtue of each, we asked him to choose a song for each of solo versions and also editing of them. We asked, like, “We wanna see Sato san’s edition.” They were so impressive. I felt, like, “We were performing with such expressions!”