[2019.03.27] NOCCHi: A part of NOCCHi

NOCCHi: We had our live concert from the end of last year to the 1st day of this year. And form the 2nd day of the New Year, my family and I went to my customary new year trip together. I had wanted to travel abroad, but I don’t like cold weather, so, we ended up in Hakone ‘cause we all desired to take our time in a hot spring location. Usually, people who travel with me are my mom and my granny, but this time, my mom’s sister, brother and their families accompanied us.

an’an: You had a lot of fun, didn’t you?

NOCCHi: Yes, I did. Speaking of Hakone, over the New Year holidays the Hakone Ekiden starts on January 2nd, you know? Frankly, my uncle and his family came with us for the road relay in Hakone rather than for the hot spring, and I myself visited Hakone for the first time, so I was looking forward to visiting there. But on that day, we arrived at Hakone station when people who had lined the route were just dispersing after the first half of the ekiden relay. So, we had to spend 1~2 hours to climb a mountain road to our hotel by bus ‘cause the line was a mile long in the station and there were no cruising taxis. 

a-chan : Your mother and grandma, your mother’s sister and brother, you were moving in great numbers, weren’t you?

NOCCHi: Right. And moreover, my family members are also very tall. (lol) But among them, I felt I had the most stamina, so I offered my seat to a granny and kept standing on the bus. Come to think of it, I was utterly exhausted because of the countdown concert…

KASHIYUKA: Not only the countdown concert, our parents came together after that, right? So, we were worn to a frazzle. And moreover, our parents don’t sleep! (lol)

NOCCHi: That’s true. (lol) When we finally arrived at the hotel to take a bath in the hot spring, my mom spoke out she wanted to take a stroll around Hakone Yunomoto station at the foot of Hakone mountain until the dinner.

a-chan : So, you went down to the station again?

NOCCHi: Right, we went down the mountain by cable car and train.

All: OMG!

NOCCHi: To tell the truth, I wished I could have taken a lot of baths, but it was the next day when the main event of the road relay was held. So, we went to bed early to leave the hotel half past 6 in the next morning to save a better place to watch the ekiden. We lined the route to catch a glimpse of the runners, but it was the dead of winter and the temperature was minus 4 centigrade! If you would have moved, you would feel chilly because your clothes were very cold. So, I was waiting for the runners without moving. What I watched is this one!

All: (With watching NOCCHi’s iPhone) They`re passing by for a split second!

NOCCHi: Because there the route went downhill, they passed by in the blink of an eye. (lol) But I could shout encouragement to the runners who whizzed by within 1 meter. Each of the runners put a spur and ran much faster than I expected as if I could have felt tautness of their muscles. I was so impressed. Then, I went back to the hotel to eat, and then we dropped in Ōwakudani [the Great Boiling Valley] to eat Kuro-Tamago hard boiled eggs, and also, we got on a pirate ship to go to Hakone Shrine. (Picture 1,2,3) I could really enjoy the trip to Hakone this time!

Picture1: talking of Hakone, you cannot miss Ōwakudani valley! I went to the valley by ropeway/tramway. I could take a full pleasure of majestic nature. 

Picture2: There is an old saying that if you eat a Kuro-Tamago hard boiled egg, you can get a seven-year lease of life.

Picture3: I also got on the pirate ship to go to the Hakone shrine! All of us hugely enjoyed the trip to Hakone!

a-chan : All of NOCCHi’s family members are very tall, so they can attract public attention too much! (lol)

KASHIYUKA: How could NOCCHi go to Hakone even though the countdown live concert had left her dead tired.

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