[2019.03.20] A-Chan: My latest favorites (int.)

My short trip to Ko Phuket; I was impressed with elephants. They were so smart and so cute.

a-chan : A little while ago, I had a short trip to Phuket to enjoy a few days off. For all that, I’m bad at Thai food, and also, I don’t like to be suntanned on the beach. I felt it would be strange to dance with both of you with a suntanned face alone, don’t you think? (lol) Before anything else, the only thing I was interested in was Thai massage which is called the best massage in the world.

NOCCHi : Wow!

a-chan : I stayed at a villa of a luxury hotel in Banyan Tree to have the massage. I had a massage session of 2 hours for 3 times during my stay. (Picture 1)

KASHIYUKA : Tell us your impressions.

a-chan : I felt just great! I had gone to Thai massage several times in Japan before then. A giver of Thai massage in Japan often have me posture change as searching for the best method, so sometimes I wondered whether it fitted my body or not, you know? So, I wondered what the home of Thai massage was like.

an’an : So, you had the same session of Thai massage for 3 times?

a-chan : I tried various sessions including hot stone and oil massage. I felt so good with all of them! Those massage sessions were also performed at a private room. There was fragrant aroma, so I could feel completely relaxed.

NOCCHi : That’s so nice! And then, what were you doing in the rest of time.

a-chan : When I was planning to go to Phuket, I found the villa had a pool for exclusive use, so I bought a swimsuit for the first time since I was a student.

NOCCHi : That sounds charming!

a-chan : So, this is my final selfie in a swimming suit in my twenties. (Picture 2) It is a bikini, and the bikini top has strings on each side tied in the back and both of them have ornaments of watermelons. It’s so cute. I swam in a pool for the first time since long ago. Bathing in the water was really comfortable. I finally could understand why you want to go to a pool. There was a Hot Jacuzzi next to the pool, so I could use it whenever my body was cold. I use the pool and the spa one after the other, so I could improve the circulation of my body. I spent only the final day sightseeing, so I went to a temple to see a huge statue of Buddha. That there were so many grand statues of Buddha was surprising, but above all things, the most memorable place I visited during the trip is Phuket FantaSea. (Picture 3) This theme park was decorated with gold color from the entrance hall. All of the facilities were luxurious and splendid like the years of the economic bubble in Japan and full of alluring statues in an elephant motif. On the whole, Phuket FantaSea was like a amusement park, and the show featuring 30 elephants was the thing to see more than anything else. Pointing out a flaw, you need to deposit your cell phone in the reception counter to see the show. Because an elephant is a precious animal, and also, they have to prevent the elephants from being surprised at flashlight.

an’an : Oh, really?

a-chan : The show was well worth seeing. A lot of elephants appeared on the stage and showed their performance including climbing on a platform and standing in a line. They are really cute and I was really impressed with the show. The audience and I were surprised at the flames with explosive sounds coming out from the stage during the show but the elephants didn’t move an inch. So I felt those elephants would never been surprised at flashlight of cameras.

All : Hahahaha! (lol)

Picture 1 : “There were a lot of private rooms to have a massage. I was provided with excellent services.”

Picture 2 : “To get a swimsuit in the dead of winter, I went to Marui. [Translator note: One of the largest clothing stores in Japan.] I took a rare selfie in a swimsuit for the first time since I was a junior high school student!”

Picture 3 : “The entrance hall was full of elephant statues. There were so many elephants here and there. Buildings in the park were also made of elephants.”

KASHIYUKA: “I can understand no photography without permission, but there’s no way I would have checked my cell phone at the reception desk to enter the venue for the elephant show.”

NOCCHi: “It amazing that a-chan put on a swimsuit for the first time since she was a junior high school student! And also I’m interested in the elephant show!”

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