[2019.03.06] NOCCHi: A part of NOCCHi

NOCCHi: I’ve been admiring an interior decorator since I was a teenager. I’ve never learned interior design, and my interests are always changing to a different subject, so, I’ve been making a collection of things that I like, and my room has become messy

KASHIYUKA: That makes sense

NOCCHi: I want to be the kind of person who saves all my favorite things from childhood, but on the other hand, I want to make my life simpler… So, it took ages to reach a conclusion. (Picture 1) Therefore, I put the URLs of my favorite room and furniture I found on the Internet, Instagram and Pinterest in a separate folder like “My house” on my iPhone.

KASHIYUKA: (Looking at the pictures on the iPhone) Wow, you have collected a lot of pictures. (lol)

NOCCHi: On one occasion, to make my room full of books, I covered the walls of the room with bookshelves, because I wanted to make my room like a bookstore.

KASHIYUKA: I understand your feelings. I’m also attracted to a room full of bookshelves!

NOCCHi: On another occasion, I got a whole set of Mujirushi Ryōhin furniture, which is made of combined boxes. It was really cute, but when my grandma stayed at my place, I felt a bit stuffy due to it, so, I discarded it after all. And now, I’m in a phase of simple life, where I’m interested in a room that the walls are covered with bookshelves yet, I’d like to make my living room more comfortable.

KASHIYUKA: If you see pictures of interior decoration overseas, the walls of the house are stylish in the first place. Those walls were painted, and the paint was removed over and over again, so, having varied textures which are quite impossible in Japan. To make the walls in my home stylish, I bought wallpaper that is easy to apply and also easy to remove, I can’t make the decision to use them, so they’re not unboxed yet. (lol)

NOCCHi: So, at the beginning, I’d like to ask an interior decorator, like, “Please imagine how the interior design of my house can be.”

a-chan : Oh, are you going to request for also creating your impression?

NOCCHi: We just want to determine our own policies.

a-chan : I see. When I moved into the home I’m living in now, I met a interior decorator to get various pieces of advice. I also asked furniture dealers and independent designers, and they  advised me, like, “This one is Ikea, this one is Nitori. They’re also mass-produced pieces of furniture. But for this room, you should choose the best of the best.” I got precious pieces of advice from the point of professional view.

NOCCHi: Come to think of it, I got a couch recently. (Picture 2) To get a rug fit to the couch and the room, I showed the picture of them to a salesclerk of the store. He advised me this one. Its design was so simple. To tell the truth, I wish I’ve got more colorful one to make it a centerpiece of the room… (Picture 3) It’s so difficult to coordinate the designs of the interior.

a-chan : To bring good fortune to you, it seems to be important to make your room white and tidy. And to clear a noxious vapor, you should consciously clean up the corners of your room.

NOCCHi: All right! Anyway, I’d like to make room to have anybody in. So, I have let my favorite figures go. Now I’m choosing only the things I really need to introduce the concept of simple life.

Picture 1: “I like simple life, but also collecting something is so nice. It is the reason why my concept is vague yet.”

Picture 2: “My new couch. I was planning to own a cat, I choose it because cat scratches are not standing out.”

Picture 3: “At first, I wanted a simple rug, but ended up getting a patterned one against my will… But I love it..!”

a-chan : “I don’t have a mania for collecting things, so it’s easier for me to furnish my room so simple.”

KASHIYUKA: “NOCCHi and I like anime and manga, so it is difficult for us to make our rooms simple and tidy.”

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