[2019.02.27] A-Chan: My latest favorites (int.)

6-women-trip to Osaka & Kyoto: day-2, our pilgrimage to famous temples and shrines.

a-chan : It is a continuation of the story about the 6-women-trip to Osaka and Kyoto.

an’an : In the previous issue, you said you all visited USJ [Universal Studio Japan], and then, the escape room, and then, you had an after party at the okonomiyaki restaurant, and went to the tequila bar to have frappes, right?

a-chan : That’s right. On the next day, we went to Kamogawa, Kyoto, and took photographs together. And then, we went to Imamiya Shrine to eat aburimochi. [Skewered, roasted rice cakes that are a traditional Kyoto confection.] Each of the skewered rice cakes was the same size as the fingertip of pinky finger. So, you can eat as many as you want.

KASHIYUKA : About 2~3 centimeter each, maybe.

NOCCHi : Its a sweet and salty flavor with white miso and soy sauce, it was nice and delicious.

a-chan : And then, we went to Imamiya Shrine, which is also known as the shrine to become married to a man of wealth. NOCCHi and KASHIYUKA were praying at the shrine really strongly. Look at the picture. So impressive, isn’t it? (Picture 1) Both of them are trying as hard as they can to marry into wealth. (lol) When we were young girls, we were praying at a shrine with no idea, but recently we try to survey a shrine to visit in advance not only to conform with the rules of etiquette but also to know what sort of benefit the god will bring to us if we pray at this shrine. We have really grown up…

NOCCHi : Imamiya Shrine, also known as “Tama no koshi [Tama’s bride] shrine” is the very shrine connected with the historical fact that Iemitsu, who was the third Tokugwa Shogun, fell in love with Tama, who was a woman of low social standing, at first sight. She gave birth to a boy later.

KASHIYUKA : And she raise to a higher position.

a-chan : Anybody, including us, want to get married to a man of high status.

NOCCHi : Yeah, more or less!

a-chan : So, after we prayed at Tama no koshi shrine, we went to Kurumazaki Shrine, which has another name, ‘The god of show business’. You can dedicate a Tamagaki plate which your own name is written on to be used as a fence around the shrine. Charpon, my sister, and I dedicated those plates before, and it was the first time to see them in place. Our plates were located in the corner of the shrine, which was the best place. And luckily, a neighboring Tamagaki plate was Fuku Suzuki’s one, because “Fuku” means “luck”, so our plates were located in lucky place! (Picture 2)

an’an : Awesome!

a-chan : And then, we were going to draw the Omikuji paper of Kurumazaki Shrine, which is a slip of paper on which our fortunes were written. At first, some of us hesitated to draw them since this shrine is known to be specialized in show business, but Perfume have coped with so many things and overcome them, so even if our results were bad, all we had to do was just tie the slips of Omikuji to a tree at the shrine. My Omikuji fortune slip said I was at the 12th place [bad fortune], and Yuka-chan was at the first place known as “Dai-kichi [excellent luck], and also her Omikuji slip said “Everything is going all right. Go ahead with your eyes wide open, and don’t forget your sense of gratitude to the people around”. It was very thought-provoking.

NOCCHi : And I was at the third place, called as “Han-kichi [a half of good luck].

a-chan : You may say, “What’s a half of good luck?” NOCCHi’s fortune slip said, “Everything you are doing or you want to to will be delayed or stuck because human relationships around you don’t go well. But if you keep persevering in your effort, you will get a chance to display your abilities”. What an encouraging piece of advice! (lol) To make a long story short, you have not shown what you can do yet, but actually you have something else. It’s really cheering you up.

NOCCHi : It is what Yasutaka Nakata would say. (lol)

a-chan : Hahaha! (lol) As soon as we read our fortune slips, both of us shouted, “Tie them up!” and tied the slips to a tree as soon as possible, didn’t we? In any case, even if one of us is bad luck, others are good, so I actually realized it’s the reason why our group always has a good balance.

Picture 1 : “Yuka-chan and NOCCHi are praying at the shrine enthusiastically. It’s a nice photo, isn’t it?

Picture 2 : There were so many names of various entertainers on the fence around the shrine. Our Tamagaki fence plates is located at the best place in the corner of the fence of the shrine.”

Picture 3 : We decided to call this fortune-telling paper as “Nakata Yasutaka’s Omikuji” because it said what Nakata Yasutaka would say. It said NOCCHi had something else to show.”

KASHIYUKA : The two days, one night trip to Kansai was very hard, but we completed it! (lol)”

NOCCHi : “So, I tied my fortune-telling paper of “half luck” onto a branch of a tree at the shrine very tightly!”

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Translator: Kowchan9 (A NOCCHi junkie, Mie, Japan)
Proofreader: Adthrawn1138 (A KASHIYUKA addict, Maryland, USA)