[2019.02.13] NOCCHi: A part of NOCCHi

Today I want to talk about Akira Ishida, who is a voice actor!

NOCCHi: For the first time in a long time, I want to talk about anime I watched recently. At first, “CELLS AT WORK!”. (Picture 1) Its main characters are body cells personified including Erythrocyte-chan, Leukocyte-san, Killer-T-cell. And each of the episodes is a story with the theme of a disease or a human tissue and organ. For example, on the episode of “Abrasions”, even just small abrasion on the skin, the whole of the body gets catastrophically disastrous, like, “What’s that explosion just now? Blood cells are going away!” “Is it due to abrasions, by any chance?” And then the body’s system is thrown into turmoil. The stories of all the episodes progress like this. It’s so fun to see something is happening inside the body.

Anan: And also, it seems to be educational.

NOCCHi: So, on the second episode, a famous voice actor played a role of an ordinary cell. I was surprised when I found the name of Akira Ishikawa in the credits. He is a popular voice actor supported by so many anime fans. He played a role of Kaoru on Evangelion, and frequently acts as the villain. So, there were those who doubted if he just acted like an ordinary cell. Sure enough, on the episode 6, at scene of a fight between a NK (natural killer) cell and the ordinary cell Ishida san acted, the ordinary cell changed to a cancer cell, and murmured, “Dam it! This is my true nature!”. Akira Ishida acted the villain as expected! (lol) Many anime fans, including me, were delighted and excited to see the villain Akira Ishida was typecast for.

KASHIYUKA: When we traveled to USJ [Universal Studio Japan] together on Halloween, 

NOCCHi was really excited to find the people dressing up as the characters in “CELLS IN ACTION!”. She shouted like, “Oh, Platelet-chan is there! Oh, Erythrocyte-chan, too!”. (lol)

NOCCHi: Yep. I found them.

Aachan: I didn’t know that!

NOCCHi: And then, another one I want to talk about is “Showa-Genroku-Rakugo- Shinju” I watched on NHK a few days ago. Masao Okada was acting as it’s main character, “Yagumo”. It was a TV drama with the story of Yagumo’s life. Its original work is manga, and there is an animation of the same title. I like both of them, and, Akira Ishida played “Yagumo” on the animation. (Picture 2)

KASHIYUKA: Today, you’re talking about Akira Ishida, not about animations. (lol)

NOCCHi: Right! (lol) Okada-kun played “Yagumo” so perfectly that you might feel as if he had already watched the animation previously to study “Yagumo”, but truth was, I learned watching a video of the conversation between Ishida-san and Okada-kun, that, believe it or not, Okada-kun watched the animation for the first time after finishing shooting his own TV drama version! I felt great respect for them to share the same point of view about “Yagumo” without watching each other. Yagumo was a professional storyteller, who had strong sex appeal. Okada-kun perfectly played Yagumo from his refreshing young days to the very end of his life, and it owed much to NHK’s special effects. In this connection, Ishida-san doesn’t get a lot of media exposure, but the video of the conversation was added to the DVD set of the NHK’s drama, so I have no choice but to buy it. Truly NHK has a good head of business!

Picture 1: “All of the scenes are really cute. Erythrocyte-chan is always carrying oxygen in her cardboard box.”

Picture 2: “Ishda-san came to our concert on FUTURE POP Tour. Thank you, Ishida-san!”

Picture 3: “Yaguma had friends to work hard together. I also have buddies to work with, so I was impressed with so many scenes.”
『NHKドラマ10「昭和元禄落語心中」』DVD-BOX、Blu-ray BOX各¥19.000 発行:NHKエンタープライズ 販売元:ポニーキャニオン

Aachan: “Both of them are good at becoming the characters they are playing based on the original manga. But actually, they have a good taste.”

KASHIYUKA: “Okada Masao san said he acted “Yagumo” as it was in the original manga. That’s awesome!”